New-age banking and financial services firms are attracting and serving millions of customers using digital technology by making their lives simpler. The status quo is untenable for the monolithic firms which have provided excellent service to customers. These firms are looking to transform themselves using digital technology to compete with neo-banks and digital-native financial services firms.

Banking and Financial Services firms are adapting to new technology and their intent is to do more as their forms require more efficient operating models and rapid shifts in their business models to compete today.

Intelics is committed to innovating & redefining your business by ensuring a complete Digital Experience for your customers. Our Digital Capability Platform (DCP) provides an end-to-end BPaaS model to optimize service levels thereby helping you gain sustainable competitive advantage.

Components of DCP for Banks & Financial Services companies:

  • Digital Sourcing
    • Lead Generation, Qualification and Fulfilment
    • Document Collection (if any)
    • Tracking
  • Digital Authentication
    • KYC Verification process using automated capture tools
    • Integration with Government Databases (CBN, NAICOM, NIMC, SEC, ROC, VAT, etc.) wherever possible Integration with Customer system for authentication if above is not
  • Digital Capture and Analysis
    • Auto Capture of Customer Demographics
    • Auto Capture of Financial Statements
    • Financial Analysis
    • Ratio Analysis and Plotting
    • Credit Appraisal Memo
    • Exception Management
  • Digital Sanction
    • Submission to Credit Managers
    • API response of the credit decision
  • Digital Pre-Disbursement
    • Non-Discrepancy Check
    • Digital Agreements
    • Exception Management
  • Digital Payment
    • NIBS
    • Other Standing Instructions
  • MIS Reports and Dash-boarding


  • Improved quality standards, accuracy above
    99 - 100%

  • Faster and reduced TAT from 24 hours to 4 Hours

  • Technology enabled & personalised Assisted Sales Competencies

  • Reduced cost of operation by 20% - 30%

  • Focus on core activities

  • Centralised process with better visibility


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