Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Keeping them delighted leads to growth and losing customers can be very painful for a business. Traditional businesses only relied on phone support as the main contact method whereas now there are multiple channels, such as web/email/phone/chat/mobile application, etc., for customers to contact businesses. A modern contact centre is powered by the latest technologies that make it easier for customers to get support when they need it.

Intelics provides exemplary customer service through our omnichannel services (i.e. telephone, SMS messaging, e-mail, live web chat, and social media) with multilingual capabilities and global coverage.

Our Contact Centre services provide business benefits in many ways as below:

Reduce Costs through Automation :  Improve service optimization and reduce customer volumes in high-cost engagement channels, like phone calls, by shifting volumes to low-cost channels such as internet self-service, chatbots etc.

Creating Brand Ambassadors : Care for your customers and connect with them to ensure that they connect with your brand.

Automating Repeatable Processes : Adjust to the changing business world with the help of our automated calling experience. Make relevant investments in process optimisation to deliver the vision for your customers.

Achieve Brand Loyalty : Deliver the best possible experience that your customers deserve to make them feel they are interacting with humans and not with robots.

Voice of the Customer : Understand your customers’ journey, their emotions, their thoughts through the voice of the customer program. Transform that customer journey by ensuring you achieve all the desired outcomes.


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