Our company has a documented sustainability policy. This policy is based on the POLARIS FBN framework and functions under our Samavesh initiative. Under Samavesh, we look after

  • Employees: Create & nurture workplaces and working cultures where employees flourish
  • Communities: Responsible global citizens making contributions to communities we live and work in
  • Environment: Constantly look for ways to reduce ecological impact and safeguard the environment
  • Family’s Future Generations: Share values and long-term aspirations with future generations

Our sustainability policy is governed by a steering committee comprising of the following individuals:

  • Managing Director
  • Chief Executive Officers of the various Strategic Business Units
  • Head – Centre of Excellence
  • Head – Compliance

The role that these individuals play include:

  • Visioning/ Operating Model, Advisory, Review, Ideation/ Brainstorming on Sustainability Practice
  • Approval of Key Decisions and Framework
  • Setting Up Governance Framework