The employees are our lifeblood and they are a diverse lot, with individual capabilities and skill sets that are focused to create outstanding opportunities for the company. We understand and respect that everyone has a unique identity, which in many cases reflect or influence how they work productively. Whether it is the cultural or economic background, any kind of disability, or be it age and gender identity, at Intelics, everyone gets that special space to feel included, valued and respected.

Diversity is an extension of what we believe in. When we respect what makes them distinctive in terms of gender, religion, age, ethnicity, national origin and others, we empower them. Inclusion is part of an organisational endeavour for us and we inculcate this culture in office to make each and every employee valued for who they are, irrespective of the differences they might be having.

We realise that people perform at their best potential when their beliefs, identities and orientation are considered. This makes them free to work in a manner that plays according to their strengths. For us it’s mostly about drawing on varied perspectives and ideas, so as to create something new, something outstanding for our company. After all, it’s more effortless to offer world-class service to our trusted customers when at the end of the day, we ourselves reflect their diversity more accurately.”

It has been seen that the benefits and advantages of diversity and inclusion are manifest, and they mostly always feed one another. The workforce is more content and that leads to being more productive. This way our business thrives and becomes increasingly successful, and eventually we get to attract the best talents in the long run.