Every decade brings big changes to the HR industry. In the last few years there are big drivers for change like - the growth of the gig economy, the advent of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation increased awareness of the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion. The global pandemic has altered the reality of billions of workers and redefined where and how work gets done.

As talent becomes a critical asset, organizations must use software and tools to manage the most important capital investment that companies invest in – which is Human Capital.

e-Cube HRM software, by Intelics, enables you to maximise every amount you invest in your employees by managing the HR processes right from Entry to Exit of an employee. This helps the HR team in:

  • Hiring, On-boarding, Developing, Engaging and Retaining high-performing talents.
  • Aligning business strategy and individual goals through various learning collaborations.
  • Empowering the workforce with holistic business performance management and leadership development.

Manage Employee Data : Tracking employee records has never been easier. Now, you can securely store and have full control over all sensitive data in one place. Access this data from anywhere rather than keeping it in scattered spreadsheets and paper files everywhere.

Hire and Retain Top Talent : Onboarding new employees was never so easy. They are ready to go on day one. Advanced tools help with the engagement and retention over the entire lifecycle of employees.

Seamless Onboarding & Digital Offers : We use the right tools for offer creation, offer communication, processing & review and offer acceptance and final signing of documents - everything happens completely online.

Happy Employees : Your employees will be happier spending more time focused on their core functions and will not have to face administrative distraction in boring lengthy forms and paperwork.

On-boarding consists of multiple processes


  • Process Automation
    Our solution provides access to employee information. Through automation, multiple parties can track and monitor tasks across departments. Role based access of information to route new hire information for reviews and approvals. Multiple parties can track and monitor tasks across departments.

  • Security & Control
    HR documents contain confidential information which needs to be handled. Personal information such as birth date and address may be required for onboarding. To reduce risk of mishandling, these documents can be digitised and placed under secure document control early in the process.

  • Maximise Productivity
    The solution integrates with any CRM systems, so managers can work on their familiar applications and still have immediate access to the documents needed. Critical information feeds directly into the back-office systems.

  • Knowledge Team
    We are care for your documents and we also know that your business is unique. Our process includes qualitative and quantitative assessments to uncover your unique processes. From initial engagement and design, to deployment and rollout, to training and ongoing support.


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