Government departments are driven by a mission to improve people’s lives. And to do this they must deliver better services to people at a lower cost and most importantly with utmost transparency. Simplified processes along with self—serve technology solutions at the hands of people are a great way to achieve this mission.

It is imperative for Government agencies to be agile and innovative to serve the people. It requires a lot of planning, managing multiple stakeholder expectations, and tackling strategic as well as tactical challenges for successful digital transformation.

Intelics provides best-in-class solutions across the federal and state government to drive digital government transformation. Our expertise enables the federal and state governments to make critical decisions, reduce costs, and mitigate risks by adopting a data-driven approach. We assist in achieving transparency and improving the speed of delivery of citizen services.


  • World class record storage and digitisation services for top government agencies

  • One of the largest vendors registered in government e marketplace portal

  • Preferred partner for e-Office implementation in all government departments

  • Implemented large scale Smart City Digitisation and e-Gov services in major cities and states in India


Devising intelligent technology solutions and growth strategies to help data-driven businesses
to scale up and evolve faster than the market.

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