Workflow is a process of how you get work done while improving efficiency and enabling collaboration. Workflow management systems enable organizations to consistently deliver work while meeting defined Turn-Around-Time (TAT). They also have multiple features and functionalities – such as internal checks to reduce process deviations and security features to ensure that the right people have the right access to information.

InfoFlow® is a workflow automation software designed for setting up and tracking a defined set of tasks along with its series. This software is configurable, and makes use of rules, validations, and checklist, and has image-based and form-based data-entry features. Along with managing complete process flows it also looks after its end-to-end process governance. It plays a pivotal role in leading increasing productivity through digital transformation. The software is highly configurable with rules, validations, and checklists.

InfoFlow® makes use of a workflow engine, which helps in growing and modifying the distinct obligations within the system. It enables users in participating and automating processes, as well as in defining one-of-a-kind workflows for one-of-a-kind styles of procedures and applications.


  • Define your process flow using stages.

  • Configure your own business rules, validation & build analytics.

  • Define escalation matrix and alerts.

  • Manage both business data and document images.

  • Seamlessly integrate with any third party application using web services.


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