Tracking down stored documents and other vital information has become an essential element and a necessity for organisations these days. Document scanning systems are increasingly being adopted by more and more organisations to make this a reality. Gone are the days of searching for crucial information in old, worn-out, heavy paper documents. With digitisation, document scanning systems can convert everything into lightweight digital files, significantly enhancing operational convenience.


Although there were initial concerns about the expenses involved in digital conversion, the benefits of converting paper documents to digital files have far outweighed those reservations. Today, going paperless is the ultimate solution.


Digitising documents offers numerous benefits, including:


- Protecting original documents

- Freeing up office space

- Making responding to audits easier

- Improving quality control

- Making sharing and tracking records easier


Research has shown that, on average, an employee in the office generates 10,000 sheets of paper annually. Storing this volume of paper would require an average four-drawer cabinet, incurring considerable expenses not only for storage but also for maintenance. Additionally, productivity bottlenecks can occur while searching for paper files.


However, digitising thousands of documents in-house may not be feasible, as managing entire scanning projects requires expertise and experience. In such cases, the best option is to outsource high-volume scanning projects to a professional document scanning company, such as Writer Information. With over three decades of experience, Writer Information offers expertise with InfoScan®, an advanced document scanning solution for high-volume production environments. This process accelerates business processes by capturing data and transforming it into actionable business information.


Here are the benefits you'll gain by leveraging the expertise of a document scanning company:


Saves Time: A dedicated team of professionals experienced in document management ensures efficient and reliable scanning of documents. Outsourcing scanning eliminates the need to purchase or rent equipment and train employees, saving considerable time.


Saves Space: Outsourcing document scanning saves a significant amount of office space by digitising physical documents. By shipping documents to a facility, maximum scanning efficiency can be achieved, freeing up valuable office space.


Saves Expenses: While scanners themselves aren't too expensive, the time employees might spend searching through documents detracts from their other, more crucial responsibilities. Digitising documents boosts employee productivity, as crucial data becomes readily available with the click of a mouse. Additionally, leasing onsite storage incurs costs and takes up prime office space, which can be recovered by going digital.


Ensures Compliance: Companies specialising in document scanning services are well-versed in industry regulations, ensuring compliance. These scanning experts not only convert documents to digital files but do so in a manner that meets industry document requirements. This ensures that the new digital documents meet the highest standards in terms of image quality and security.


It's time to implement intelligent technology solutions and growth strategies to help your data-driven business scale up and evolve faster than the market.


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