The digitization of insurance is doubling the profitability for insurance companies across developed and emerging economies as they are realizing the value of digital technologies. We expect insurance companies to end up automating 50-60% of their back-office operations using digital technologies.

The consumer demand for digital insurance services has shot up astronomically as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to rethink their business models and accelerate their transformation initiatives.

At Intelics, we have a team with years of experience and expertise to offer customised solutions for digital transformation within the Insurance sector. Our end-to-end comprehensive solutions suite acts as a catalyst to cut down the time-to-market and significant operational risks when new products are launched in various territories. We have solutions that help insurers optimize their critical processes, handle expenses, and manage various regulatory requirements.

The best-in-class solutions bring the following benefits to the Insurance industry:

  • Improve the effectiveness of sales processes

  • Deeper penetration of insurance in various geographies

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Enhance decision making through data-driven analytics


  • Focus on
    core activities

  • Improved quality standards, accuracy above 98 - 99%

  • Reduced cost of operation by
    20 - 30%

  • Better scalability to manage spike more than 50%

  • Faster and reduced TAT by
    4050% (10 days to 5 days for login to disbursement)

  • > 80% Conversion assured in the very first month of our Tele-services

  • Centralised process with better visibility

  • Technology enabled & personalised Assisted Sales Competencies


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