Fertility clinics perform critical functions that need well-designed software solutions to enable quality patient care, simplify the process of clinical delivery, increase staff productivity, and provide real-time availability of patient information.

IVF Software Solution by Intelics is a digital tool used for medical professionals and experts to manage their fertility clinics with ease while ensuring optimal use of their resources. The workflows and comprehensive documentation help doctors and other staff to maintain quality standards and follow treatment regimens while ensuring successful patient outcomes. The IVF Software offers an easy to use, end-to-end platform for managing Surrogacy Clinics, Gamete Bank, IVF and Fertility Clinics.

The IVF Software enables streamlined operations while enhancing the administration and control. It enables the healthcare staff to provide superior patient care, reduces operational costs, and improves profitability.


  • Front Desk

    Patient Registration, Camp Registration, Schedule Appointment, Consent Form, Patient Profile, Reports

  • Nurse Dashboard

    Patient Screening, Nursing, Pregnancy, Package Tracking, MRD, Diagnostic Test Management, Reports

  • Camp and Package

    Camp Registration, Package

  • Doctor Dashboard

    Consultation, 2Patient Information, Rec Investigation set, OD/ED Monitoring Sheet, Intra & Post-Operative, Patient Progress Report

  • Embryology

    Ovum Pickup, IVF/ICSI, Insemination, Development, EMB Transfer, EMB Freezing, EMB Thawing, Storage Details, Embryology Certificates, Reports

  • Andrology

    Semen Analysis, Sperm Preparation, Sperm Survival Test, Sperm Freezing, Sperm Thawing, Reports

  • Operative Management

    Female Investigation, Male Investigation, Reports

  • In-Patient Department

    Admission, Medi History, Bed Mgt, Bed Transfer, Medical Crt, Treat Analysis, Disc Card, Disc Alerts, OT Scheduling, Nursing, Reports

  • Pharmacy

    Master, Medicine Sale, Wastage Records, Free Medi, 3 Month Exp Med, Inventory, Indent to Inventory, Reports

  • Finance

    Bank Mngt, Billing, Transaction, Inv Payment, Advanced Return, Voucher Gen, Financial Analysis, MIS Statistical, MIS Reports, Graphical Reports, Reports

  • Art bank

    Egg Donor, Donor Registration, Recipient Registration, Inventory, Finance, Sperm Donor, Donor Registration, Recipient Registration, Inventory, Finance

  • Surrogacy

    Intended Parents, IP Registration, Investigation, IP SM, Finance, Surrogate Mother, SM Registration, SM Screening, SM IP, SM Payment


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