When organisations think of storing data on physical media for long term, we may think that they are stepping back in time to the pre-cloud era. Although such physical storage may seem archaic, however, one of the best ways to backup and preserve data is on physical media. As hackers and cybercriminals are becoming smarter, offsite storage of physical data as an add-on or alternative to cloud storage makes a lot of sense.

An organisation's information assets grow along with time as a wide variety of media from tapes, videos, CDs, and audio-visual content needs to be stored and managed efficiently. This is where organisations turn to Intelics for its reliable Secured Media & Tape Vault Storage services.

Intelics offers various smart options for your physical media storage needs for complex business scenarios. We help store your media, retrieve it on-demand, and protect it using the highest standards and processes in modern physical storage.

By moving your tapes in facilities with proven resources, technology, chain-of-custody, experience, and expertise focused on protecting your valuable data, you can considerably reduce downtime and run your business smoothly.



  • Complete Disaster Recovery

  • Data Centre Relocation

  • Emergency Tape Expediting

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Tracking

  • Proof of Delivery (via phone, email, text for fax)


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