As organisations grow to become large and complex in their business operations, their IT systems also become distributed, humongous, and difficult to manage. In this scenario, every organization is looking to lessen the stress and cost of managing their IT infrastructure.

Remote infrastructure management (RIM) is a proven solution to manage and monitor the IT infrastructure including data center, networks, storage, servers, security, applications, data and business services. RIM creates a solution through which teams can remotely manage IT infrastructure and ensure continuous availability of IT systems to meet business needs.

The core concept of RIM services is that the physical IT infrastructure is geographically separated from the management of the IT services. The physical infrastructure could be in one or many geographically spread locations.

Benefits of RIM Services

  • Faster and flexible service models
  • Minimize risk of failures
  • Rapid resolution of issues
  • Maximum availability and uptime of IT systems
  • Reduced costs through economies of scale
  • Improved user experience
  • Higher ROI of IT investments
  • Access to the best IT talent
  • Leverage global best practices

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) from Intelics helps you get faster and flexible services dramatically reduced IT expenditures, so you can focus on your core business.


  • Be a part of Tier-4 certified data center. 11000 racks, dual power connection, robust policing

  • Get the highest SLA in the Industry with 99% uptime for your business

  • Benefit from a secure ecosystem, log analysis, STIG Guidelines, and GRC

  • Gain from a carrier neutral system with all major telcos, peering with ISP/ NIXI/ Content Providers, 2 MMRs

  • Take advantage of CLOS architecture with spine and leaf model, plus Arbor-based DDoS protection

  • Advance with the worldʼs first 4-copy cloud with built-in 2-way DR


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