Organizations are going through a sea change with accelerated digital technologies adoption while the innovation cycles are getting shortened. However, the good old information on paper is still not going to disappear in thin air. While they say, “Data is the new oil”, a lot of that data is in physical formats (paper, media tapes and other vital assets) and we must protect it while seamlessly integrating it into new digital formats.

Every organisation deals with an ever-increasing volume and variety of documents, information, and assets. These can be critical business information like financial records, sensitive people data, or certificates – things that are of vital importance for the sustenance and reputation of the business.

Intelics and its group companies offer secure and effective storage of your vital assets currently in any format, so you can focus on your core business. We offer to secure your vital data assets so you can access & retrieve them as and when you require it as per your business needs.

We have a strong partnership with O’Neil Software which has been leading the records management software industry for over 30 years operating in 90+ countries having 1000+ installations. With the power of O’Neil software, we deliver unique, cost-effective, and comprehensive record storage and management solutions for businesses of any size and budget. This partnership helps us reduce operational costs, decrease decision cycle time, bring accuracy, control, consistency, and standardization to your business processes, thereby minimizing any likelihood of litigation due to lost documents.

Safety & Security Features


    High Density mobile storage and shelving system

    2.6 Mn Sq ft of storage space, 25 Secure Storage Facilities in 12 locations

    Two Level Security, Biometric Access Control, CCTV coverage of storage area with 90 days backup, Siporex construction etc.

    Tracking via Portable Desktop Terminal, File Level Inventory, Barcode based, Exclusive Team, Software Eindex and Oneil


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