The talent landscape is becoming increasingly competitive for recruiting and retaining skilled employees. Businesses around the world are struggling to attract and retain talent in line with their business priorities and growth plans.

In addition to desperately trying to recruit external talent, companies are also turning to re-skill their internal workforce to fill a growing skills gap. While evaluating their build vs. buy strategy, they are considering providing training to develop in-house skills. However, after considering all these approaches, the gap for talent does not seem to end.

In a continually evolving technology landscape, today’s innovation becomes history tomorrow. The talent gap can slow down the growth of your business. This is where the staff enhancement services from Intelics will be useful to you.

Staff Enhancement or Augmentation, which is also known as sub-contracting, is an outsourcing strategy for hiring skilled resources from resource providers to fill open positions in your organization on a temporary or permanent basis. It not only helps fill talent gaps but also provides flexibility to ramp-up or ramp-down resources without long-term commitments to meet your evolving business needs.


  • Experience, which has come with us being one of the leading players in the business of Staffing Services

  • Just In Time approach when it comes to hiring needs, with a team of highly motivated – skilled – trained technical recruiters.

  • Benefit from responsive load balancing, which is a software controlled by our data center hosting services.

  • Take advantage of scalability and flexibility through cloud hosting services that are available to you in real-time.

  • Get paid as you use the expenses through the resource that is available for spikes in demand.


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