Healthcare Institution's Needs

Dig deep for operational savings.

Distinguish between core vs. non-core resource activities

Resource management — taking hospitals away from patient clinical care responsibilities

Crowing healthcare quality concerns


Why Writer


Ensure Fast & Non-Disruptive Integration

As we are familiar with hospital teams, culture and processes, we quicken the placement process that help in increasing the prospect of success. Our programs/services are customized to meet specific business objectives while minimizing disruptions during transition process.

Addressing Pain & Cost of Compliance

Trusting us with compliance-related and administrative work will drive stable sustained savings. This also contributes in freeing clinicians to spend more time in direct patient

We Understand Patient Experience

We internalize hospital metrics and strategies to deliver on them as full-time employees. This arrangement also frees up time for internal clinical teams to deliver a focused high-quality experience for patients.

Established Workflows for New Savings

Fragmented process consumes time and often result in wasted expense. Similarly, complex workflows embedded into daily hospital operations, drive up costs. Our processes reveal opportunities for significant and sustained operational savings.


Our Approach


Our Process


Statement of Work

Understand Organization Scope & Information Sharing

Employee Communication

Writer Business Head along with the Writer HR Head will take the employees due for the staffing exercise through a detailed Company Profile, where in the employees will be provided information of the company, provide an overview of compensation practices and benefit offerings, giving employees the opportunity to ask questions.


Writer HR team should meet all employees to review resumes and assess career history, skill-sets, compensation, role criticality and overall fitment in the organization.

On Boarding

Writer BU/BD Team and HR to take the new joiners through a 1 Day detailed Induction program.